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Comfort Systems Heating and Air has built a reputation for excellence for our HVAC repairs and installations throughout the Greater Sacramento area. We are a family business that makes a big impact. Our key operating words are care, expertise, and honesty. When it comes to ductwork, we know how vital it is to the overall performance of your HVAC system. Improperly installed or maintained ductwork can cause your HVAC system to work harder, use more energy, and reduce the lifetime of the entire unit. 

Three of the most common reasons an HVAC doesn’t perform up to spec is:

  • The ducts are damaged, leaking, or disconnected.
  • They are improperly sized.
  • They are improperly routed.
  • They are improperly insulated

Ductwork Basics

Four key factors can affect the efficiency of your HVAC: Airflow, ductwork, charge, and size. Ductwork strongly influences airflow, of course, but it can have other issues as well. If your ductwork sealing has been breached in any location, there is a good chance it is delivering conditioned air to the inside of a wall or ceiling, possibly encouraging moisture build-up, followed by the growth of mold or mildew. As a result, your HVAC must work much harder, and may not keep your home cool and comfortable. You don’t get the performance you paid for, but you will get the energy bill you must pay! 

Faulty ductwork breaks the coordination between the room thermostat and the temperature controls in the HVAC unit. The thermostat keeps calling for the air temperature you want, and your HVAC unit continually starts and stops trying to deliver it.

Planning the ductwork layout requires care and expertise. A few basic errors are:

  • Creating duct runs that are too long
  • Sharp bends or numerous bends in the duct runs. 
  • Designs that create air leaks due to poor support.
  • Not providing enough returns to balance the air pressure.

Whether you need new ductwork installed or general ductwork repairs, we can deliver the right service at the right price – and we’re close to home.

Call Comfort Systems Heating and Air at (916) 414-9848 for ductwork installation and repair. We offer free estimates to help you get started.

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